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tv   Wolf  CNN  May 15, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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everybody is campaigning right now. the democrats want to win. what do they do if they do and some of this beyond the 2020 stuff is trying to start this conversation with how hard do you hit the impeachment lever and how hard do you attack. thank you for joining us on "inside politics." hope to see you back here tomorrow. wolf starts right now. >> hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 8:00 p.m. in gaza. wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. right now senate republicans in washington possibly talking to the senate behind closed doors as they refuse to publicly apologize for a joke about senator john mccain and the president trying to save chinese jobs. the president says, cowards and
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traitors. how far officials are going to crack down. and a protest involving the u.s. moving the embassy to jerusalem, putting sole blame on hamas for the killings. we start with president trump on capitol hill right now. he's meeting with a republican senator. the senator facing plenty of questions from them. the president tweeting in favor of saving chinese jobs, as well as a lack of a public apology from a white house staffer who made an insensitive comment about an ailing senator. we're talking about arizona senator john mccain. the white house is trying to change the narrative from the comment and non-apology to white house leaks. the president tweeting, the so-called leaks coming out of the white house are a massive overexaggeration put out by the fake news media in order to make us look as bad as possible. with that being said, leakers
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are traitors and cowards and we will find out who they are, closed quote. let's go to senior white house reporter jeff zeleny. he says the leakers are traitors and cowards. which is it? what is the white house doing about this? >> wolf, certainly no question this story is entering its fifth or sixth day here. president trump on capitol hill, as you said, he was paying his respects to law enforcement officials at an event there, but it's the lack of respect for senator john mccain that really has republican senators all worked up and furious about this. we do believe he's going to get an earful, or at least some pushback in that meeting he's having right now with republican senators. but the only comments the president has made about this has been about the leakers, has been abonot about the subject o that remark.
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while senator john mccain is battling brain cancer, he is imposing an opinion about a possible cia director. the staffer said it doesn't matter, he's dying, anyway, and i guess that leaked out. but this isn't the real definition of the word "leaker." it came out that there were comments being made here in the white house that were insensitive. we do know that the president has long had a feud with john mccain but so interesting he has not spoken at all about the substance of this comment. we'll see if that changes after that meeting on capitol hill. but it's sort of a pattern here. the president often refuses, in fact, almost always refuses to apologize for something, digs in his heels and blames it on something else. in this case the leaks and media. interesting, when he were walking through the hallway with senator mitch mcconnell, he visited senator mccain over the weekend and released a statement over the weekend saying the company has nothing but respect
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for him. given everything else that's going on, this is one subject that i'm told will be discussed in that luncheon today, wolf. >> one of several subjects. we're awaiting some members who will emerge from behind closed doors, and we'll get the very latest on that, jeff zeleny. thanks to you. let's go to gaza right now. another day of violence there as well as on the west bank. protests resumed after funerals were held for some of the 60 palestinians killed in protests over moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. the deadliest day, by the way, that gaza has seen in some four years. meanwhile, united nations security council held an emergency meeting to discuss the negotiation. nikki haley says the embassy move is not to blame for the violence. >> as our president said when he announced the decision in december, the location of our embassy has no bearing on the specific boundaries of israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the
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resolution of contested borders. it has no bearing on jerusalem's holy sites. it does not prejudge whatever the parties might negotiate in a peace agreement. it does not undermine the prospects for peace in any way. and yet for some, this is supposedly a cause for violence. but let's remember that the hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years, long before the united states decided to move our embassy. >> let's go to our senior national correspondent ben we wedeman. he's joining us from gaza right now. ben, you spent a lot of time covering the region. have you seen any announcement of the united states officially blaming hamas for the deaths of the palestinian protestors? >> reporter: no, we have not so far, wolf. i think many people here, whether they're with hamas or
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against hamas or favor these protests or oppose them, many feel that the united states long ago took the side of israel and, therefore, this statement about hamas, i don't think, really has much weight here in gaza. where we saw today's smaller demonstrations, and certainly yesterday, we've gotten one report from palestinian medical sources of one person killed by gunfire, a few wounded, but certainly nothing compared to the more than 60 killed in yesterday's demonstrations. of course now we're trying to understand if there's going to be more such demonstrations. there are none publicly planned or announced at the moment. this may be, now that the ceremony to inaugerate the american embassy in jerusalem is
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past, now today the 70th anniversary of the day of the catastrophe where palestinians marked their dispossession from their historic homeland is past, perhaps calm will return, but we know here in the middle east, in gaza, calm may come for a little while, but trouble is always on the horizon. wolf? >> it's a really, really tense situation right now. we'll stay in close touch to you, ben wedeman, in gaza. thank you. once again, the u.n. ambassador nikki haley also saying today that recognizing jerusalem as the capitol of israel makes peace, in her words, more achievable. let's bring in retired colonel john kirby, our senior diplomatic analyst. we also have diplomatic analysts agent ryan. you were the spokesman in the obama administration, spokesman over the pentagon as well.
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what do you make of the way the u.s. government, the state department, the white house, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., have now officially responded to the violence we saw yesterday. >> they're not wrong in saying there was violence yesterday. this is a clacssic playbook, no doubt about it. israel has a right to defend itself. it's a tough neighborhood. they have every reason to be vigilant and defend their citizens. the question really isn't that. the question is, how do you do it in such a way that doesn't fuel the hamas narrative? we know hamas likes to help incite violence and cause so many charactasualties and blame on israel. how do we do this in such a way that it will not play to hamas'
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place. >> there was almost a roar between the israelis and hamas. how do you think the obama administration would have responded? the trump administration didn't even urge restraint on behalf of the israelis. >> i can assure you during that time frame we did condemn -- condemn is too strong a word, but we did have targets inside gaza but we got criticism. we want to know how to do this in a more discreet, more precise way. those are tough conversations to have, while this was all going on, shannon, there was a celebration at the. lfs a lot of english guests
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there as well. debbie's little ghoul, gho-h-o-l g-h-o-u-l, but daddy's little ghoul all smiled read the headlines in new york. >> optics do nothing to help relieve these tensions. the goal should be here to relieve tensions. it should be to prevent violence. if you're saying you can, in the back panel. maybe if you could make it less of a big celebration. maybe take the temperature down on the celebratory nature of it. all of these things that could be done in a more subtle way, but this administration -- and they are a year and a half in, so you could say things they have learned or should have more appreciation to, but i think there are also things in foreign policy that are hard to learn and you only learn about through
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these sort of tough moments. >> do you want to make a point? >> yeah, wolf, the optics are terrible but the stakes are very high, as we all know. really the here and now should have happened months ago when they talked about the unveiling and talked about the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. the issue is for many of my sources in the intelligence community, they said what should have happened. they should have also said something for the palestinians. they should have said we'll be willing to work with you on this or that or give you something. there was nothing given, so that side is feeling neglected. it could have happened a long time ago, even as this new empathy was placed in jerusalem that could have been something to upset -- >> nothing was received from the israelis, either. we moved the embassy there and really didn't get anything in return from the israelis, much less from the palestinians. i understand the desire to do
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this around the 70th anniversary. i get that and that'sto be comm there. i get that. but they had to also know these protests are not just about the embassy, they are about that anniversary, very much so. so it doesn't seem like this had to happen right when it did. >> not to mention, tension rz will high and you throw something on it. >> the stakes are high, yeah. >> you had this e change yesterday at the white house briefing. let me play it. >> where does sdeens adecency a morality come into play in the work force? she still has her job. she made that statement. no matter what his feelings
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about her, he was overseas, and to say this thing -- >> that is an internal reaction. >> what did you think when you got that e-mail from the white house deputy press secretary? >> i was surprised, because prior statements, there would be serious repercussions from a royal staffer to go out and tell someone about it. we don't know the repercussions, she still has her job. senator john mccain, it's not about politics, it's not about party. this is a man who was in the military. we've got to grieve for our nation and then for a whistle blower to say it.
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i'm shocked because i understand the dynamics and the nuances of white houses. here's what ruby and seuusie collins said about this. >> i think it's more indicative of why our politics have become so angry and bitter. there are things we shouldn't say, and it was important. >> the best way this could have been put to rest and may not look for the issue. i think it would be helpful that the president made clear that those kind of comments are not
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acceptable rather than criticizing the leaker. >> so what do you think? are they going to finally publicly apologize? i'm sure the president is getting a little earful during this closed door meeting with republican senators right now. >> they haven't apologized for anything yet. i can't think of any. from day one of the campaign, i remember people inside the campaign telling me, and then candidate trump made the remarks about mexicans being murderers, and he found it on a groundswell of support of people that he had stood by what he was saying. it's been. with a conscious decision, they could have come out to the podium yesterday and apologized. there has been a constant decision not to.
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i don't see that changing now. they're getting into a fight with john mccain, with someone who there is no love lols. he was fighting for his life, brain cancer, and he even said because of that strained relationship. if any other white house. >> a man who ran for president. >> anyone who was criticized like that, that staffer would no longer work there. >> we're always wishing only the best for our guys. coming up, as president trump vows to save the candidates. plus, sucked out of the plane at 30,000 feet. it's just the latest terrifying
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president trump may let a chinese firm sanked by tctioned u.s. off the hook. the president tweeted, president xi and i are working together to give massive chinese phone company, zte, a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost. commerce department has been instructed to get it done.
10:22 am
he has been studying this issue for a while now. i was surprised he wanted to save jobs in china. what's your reaction? >> make china great again? is that what this is all about? this company is a very serious problem in several respects. first of all, it's breaking the sanctions between north korea, iran, sudan, a couple other countries. it is a bad player out there cheating all along the way. secondly, there is serious reason to believe that their phones, smartphones and other devices, are an espionage device. >> what do you mean by an espionage device? >> i mean the devices they're selling are anow banned and should be banned on military bases and military personnel enlisted as civilians -- >> u.s. military. >> u.s. military, exactly, have to get rid of them because there was evidence that the chinese was using the devices to gather
10:23 am
material. >> there was a moment before all the chiefs were testifying before the senate, and tom cotton asked them to raise their hands if they would use this kind of equipment from zte. they were asked if they should raise their hands in their constituents should buy anything from zte and nobody raised their hands. why is the petition actioreside now to lift the sanctions of zte? >> i think it has to do with $5 million in which the trump administration is involved in. there is some sort of theme park, trump organization, hotel, golf courses, condominiums, all the rest, just got $5 million for that development. not directly to trump, but most definitely to the benefit of the trump organization. >> we do know that chinese state
10:24 am
enterprises will provide $5 million to help develop this project, this trump organization project in indonesia. the president had said earlier that he wasn't going to allow the trump organization, the business part of the president, to have foreign dealings, but cli clearly this is a major foreign dealer. >> one more lie out of this man. there is no way you can tell where the truth is with this gentleman. >> let's be precise, congressman. you're saying this decision by the president to tweet about lifting the sanctions against zte may have been the result of the $500 million loan to this trump organization business in indonesia? >> isn't it curious. isn't it curious that the tweet comes out and then within a day or two, we get an announcement that $500 million is going to an organization in which the trump enterprises clearly benefit. they benefit by the hotel, they benefit with a golf course, they benefit with condominiums.
10:25 am
is there something curious about this? >> is congress investigating this, as far as you know? >> the republican congress investigating trump? you got to be kidding. that doesn't happen. but this is clearly something that, in my view, is contrary to the u.s. constitution which is absolutely clear about emol i s emoliuments. it says no one, including the government or congress, can take something beneficial from a foreign government. >> the deputy press secretary was asked about this $500 million loan, and he said go talk to the trump organization. he didn't want to discuss it from the white house. the other thing i heard is maybe the president is trying to improve relations with china and lift the sanctions on zte in order to get them more involved in setting the stage in a positive way for the summit he's going to have june 12 in
10:26 am
singapore with kim jong-un. >> we know this. we know that zte is a major company owned in various ways by the chinese government. kind of hidden, but nonetheless it's there. we know that company was doing business with north korea. that they were contrary to the american sanctions. is there some sort of deal here that's in the background where the president is giving a big, big prize to the chinese government in exchange for their help? perhaps. but there are many other things involved here that really concern me. >> china does have some influence over north korea. >> absolutely. without a doubt. >> so to improve u.s. relations with china, that could be beneficial. >> let them make that argument. let the white house, let the president say, this $500 million that directly benefits the president has nothing to do with it. we've never seen him do anything with north korea yet.
10:27 am
but we do know this. we do know that this company is a bad actor. we do know this company has bro broken american law in the past. we do know this company can be used for espionage. >> the national security council is deeply concerned. >> in the national defense authorization act, which is coming up on the floor soon, we'll see if the republicans put up an amendment to honor the president's commitment of honoring zte. >> congressman, as usual, thanks very much. lots of unanswered questions that deserve to have some answers right now. >> we need to get to the bottom of it. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. coming up, terror in the sky. how a co-pilot of a major chinese airline got sucked halfway out of the cockpit yet survived. plus new questions surrounding the health of the first lady melania trump as she remains in the hospital after undergoing a kidney procedure.
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hanging out of the plane at 30,000 feet. that was the fate of a co-pilot on a chinese airliner who was sucked halfway out of the cockpit when the windshield blew off. in the end he suffered only a few scratches and a sprained wrist. the plane was 80 miles into flight when the wing simply came off. the pilot was able to control the plane and make a safe and smooth landing. we have richard quest. richard, every plane goes through a series of checks and inspections, but does anybody really check the windshield integrity and the seals? we've seen a few problems of this lately. >> absolutely. in fact, you check the windshield more than you check the rest of the plane windows,
10:33 am
because the windshield -- the cockpit windshield is an extremely complicated piece of equipment. it has multiple layers, it has heating, it has defogging devices, it has filters on it for the light. so the windshield itself is very important. it's crucial and it is regularly checked. but, wolf, it is also bearing the brunt of the plane's forces as it goes through the air at 500 miles an hour. so cracks in plane windshields are not uncommon. however, mostly it's a crack and you land safely. in this case something far more serious took place and could have been catastrophic. it's not the first time this happened. a british pilot almost got sucked out once when the windshield exploded and he had to be held in until they landed safely. >> i know they'll take a look at this down the road. it's been four years since
10:34 am
airlines flight 370 disappeared. now there is a report out of australia. experts say they believe it was possibly suicide by the pilot. that's certainly not the first time we've heard this theory. you wrote a whole book about this whole issue, the vanishing of flight mh-370. there's the book cover right there. take us through this theory of suicide and why it's often been discounted in the past. >> this was a program in australia. it brought together experts including the former head of the ntsb investigating body for the first time. and the conclusion was that it was the captain, captain zaraha, who did bring down the plane. he turned off the communication aids, he turned off the radar and then he went down into the ocean. the thing about the program is
10:35 am
it didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. this program has been around since day one, and this program didn't really advance the argument as to the evidence that proves it. wolf, i promise you there is not a single shred of new evidence as to what happened to that plane. there is lots of extrapolation, there is lots of conclusions and people thinking if you take one and one it must equal two, but was it nefarious? was it mechanical? was it something else? we still do not know. having said that, they were the experts doing a good job of reprising the evidence. >> the mystery clearly continues. thank you very much, richard. the first lady melania trump expected to spend a few more days in the hospital.
10:36 am
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. right now melania trump is recovering from a procedure to recover from a benign condition. her hospital stay is raising questions that her office is declining to comment on those questions. this president did offer this upbeat assessment just a little while ago. >> i want to start by saying that melania is in the hospital doing really well. she's watching us right now. and i want to thank the
10:41 am
incredible doctors, walter reed medical center. they did a fantastic job, so thank you. she sends her love. >> let's bring in our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, tell us about this embolization procedure, what kind of hospital stay this would normally involve. >> this is a procedure as opposed to a surgery where you're actually making an incision and examining the kidney in this case directly. with this it's sort of like a large i.v., if you will, in one of the blood vessels and a catheter is put through that blood vessel and threaded to the area up around the kidney and around this abnormality specifically. then a type of glue substance, something that basically blocks the blood vessels is injected to basically eliminate any more blood flow to this area that's abnormal. you want that area to not
10:42 am
receive blood flow and eventually it causes it to wither away. or if it's at risk of bleeding in some way, it will really limit that risk of bleeding. they do this in various parts of the body, in this case on the kidney. to the second part of your question, someone could go have this procedure done in the morning and go home the same day. an outpatient procedure, it's called. if they're more worried, then staying overnight to see if somebody might develop pain or some other problem to basically try and control that. but not the entire week. that's not typical. we looked at data. we talked to several doctors who perform this sort of procedure. that's just not typical. >> what does that say to you? >> i don't know, wolf. i think anything is really sort of speculation. you always wonder, look, is there something more going on here? is this an abundance of caution in some way? obviously this is the first lady, so is this situation being treated differently for some
10:43 am
reason? from a medical standpoint, the questions i would ask is, what was it exactly that was being embolized and why has that raised a greater level of concern based on the number of days she's staying in the hospital? could it mean that the embolization was the first procedure out of another procedure still to come. sometimes you will embolize something to make it less likely to bleed when it is subsequently operated upon. but wolf, we don't know. there was a very short statement from the first lady's office telling us she had that procedure yesterday, and then another statement today basically saying she's resting comfortably and we would likely not hear anything more. >> the president tweeted just a little while ago, the great first lady is doing well. will be leaving the hospital in the next two or three days. thank you for so much love and support. i think i speak with all of the viewers here and around the
10:44 am
world. we wish her a speedy and safe recovery. michael flynn pled guilty for lying to the fbi and is cooperating with robert mueller's special investigation. the former security adviser to president trump is praising his former boss in a brand new book, so could it impact the overall investigation? we have details. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey! oh, that's my robe.
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michael flynn, the man who was briefly president trump's national security adviser and is now cooperating with robert mueller's russia probe is praising his former boss in a
10:49 am
new book. flynn wrote a foreword in this new book titled "make america great manifesto." we must support the mission by electing the congress that president president trump requires to further enact his vision for our country. the midterm election is only a few months off. it's time we put possible maga candidates through their paces, choose those we can strongly support and do whatever we can to get out the vote this november. is it common that someone would come out speaking so strongly about the president of the united states after being fired by him? >> in the position he's in right now as a cooperater, remember, he's not someone who just pled
10:50 am
guilty, but his job is to figure out if anyone who is part of the trump campaign had any collusive engagement with foreign nationals or russia. it seems amazing there is no love loss despite a cooperater's agreement, but it begs the question why he's taking such a prominent and vocal role the reason that's important, wolf, is whether you are a cooperakwo coopera cooperateor, oftentimes they'll dangle that carrot. if they're dangling this now in front of him two months out and this comes out, it's pretty surprising. i will note, it was written, i think back in march before the request was made for that to be a delay in sentencing, but it's quite remarkable. >> he's also out there
10:51 am
campaigning for certain candidates publicly. is that unusual for someone awaiting sentencing in a case like this. >> >> absoluabsolutely. he's pled guilty in election-relat election-related matters. the credibility is always at issue, especially someone who has been charged with and admitted to lying. i'm not sure why you'd have them on your platform speaking for you. it's compelling odd behavior to become more normalized. >> some have raised the possibility of a presidential pardon. he's already pled guilty. >> he has but he hasn't been sentenced. the president dns pardial power
10:52 am
remember sheriff arpaio wasn't sentenced. one was a cooperateor and one was not. it may depend on what information michael flynn has. >> i assume he's already told the special counsel what he knows or do you think they're going back to him all the time saying we need more answers? >> there may be the bulk of his testimony already given but there's cooperation. as of statement is made and you see from the different legal teams representing president trump, there's new questions being raised going back to a time that michael flynn may have been knowledgeable. remember, mueller is strategic and every prosecutor would be to delay sentencing. that is essentially keeping the person on the line longer and there's got to be a reason and it's not gratuitous. >> interesting development laura coates. >> just days before meghan markle is to marry prince harry,
10:53 am
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. right now there's one big question in the leadup to the royal wedding on saturday. who will walk meghan markle down the aisle? thomas markle has reportedly said he will not attend his daughter's wedding to prince harry due to the embarrassment of several staged photos of him getting ready for the event. this is rather unusual, bianca. any word, first of all, from the palace? >> reporter: we have had word from the palace.
10:58 am
they have asked that understanding and respect be extended to megan's father, thomas markle. he's known to be fairly reclu reclusi reclusive, used to be working behind the scene, not used to working in front of the lights, but at the moment the british tabloid is going crazy over there, the speculation, is he coming or not coming? is it due to health concerns? is it due to embarrassment? one thing for sure, there's so much stress and pressure and media attention on this man who is quite frankly thoroughly unprepared for it. >> so if he doesn't walk his daughter down the aisle, who will? >> we don't know the answer to that question but i was speaking to a royal wedding planning and royal party planner, they were saying it might be a very modern step but very reasonable one, it might be megan's mother.
10:59 am
they have a very close relationship and that's a pos t possibility. there are so many in the u.k. that are hoping he will come. obviously it is a deeply personal time for the bride. wedding preparations here in windsor continue and i've been walking up and down the streets near the castle speaking to people about the royal wedding and i think the issues with megan's father is something which people find eminently relatable, wolf, the family drama in the buildup to big occasions like a wedding and it makes her even easier to relate to. many people thinking he should just come because that would be the best way to support his daughter, others thinking he should steer himself out of the spotlight. but it's certainly the question on everyone's lips today, wolf. >> let's hope he can make it and walk his daughter down the aisle. bianca, thanks so much for that report.
11:00 am
for our viewers, join cnn for the royal wedding. we will be live from windsor, coverage begins saturday 4 a.m. eastern. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5 p.m. eastern in the situation room. for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next. and for onow brianna keilar in brooke baldwin. >> good afternoon. some gop senators are blasting the white house for not apologizing after a remark by a lower level white house aide about senator john mccain who is battling brain cancer. kelly sadler dismissed criticism of trump's cia pick by mccain saying that the senator was, quote,